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Enviiri Hair Salon

It's all about your hair



We understand that the different weather changes and stress that comes with moving to a new country can cause damage to our hair. Enviiri Salon is the solution to many African women's hair problems who have made Canada their home.

Our obsession at ENVIIRI Salon is making your curly or coily hair healthy, manageable and beautiful. We have consulted with the best minds in the industry in Africa, North America and Europe, to create a collection of products that will bring out the best in your hair. 


Deep hair conditioning

Treat your hair to a deep condition treatment. We are particularly proud and confident of our Organic Avoghee Deep Treatment that penetrates and nourishes both your scalp and hair shaft giving you stronger hair.


Shampoo & Condition

Keep your hair and scalp healthy with a regular shampoo & condition. All our products are free from sulphates and parabens. 


Braiding & Weaving

Choose from different braided styles: crotchet braids, cornrows, twists, three-strand braids. We also offer weaving services and will help unplait your hair for you!


Relaxing & Setting

Need a touchup to keep your hair smooth and silky? We offer relaxing and setting services.


Are you a freelance hairdresser? Need a space? Can't commit to a long term lease?

Here at Enviiri, freelance Barbers and Hairstylists can service their client in a professional setting from Monday to Saturday (tools and products not included).

Day Rate: $50

Week Rate: $150

Monthly Rate: $450

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